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12v Power Adapters

LED Strip Light Power Supplies

A suitable LED power supply is an essential part of your LED strip installation, it’s important you have the correct rated 12v power supply to run the length of strip light and avoid issues such as colour fading, overloading, etc...

Which 12v Power Supply?

The main thing you need to consider is the power output you require from the 12v power supply. The rating of the power supply will vary on each installation as it’s unusual you install the same project twice…

To calculate the required 12v adapter for your project you simply multiply the wattage per metre by the number of metres of strip you will be running. For example, our 3528 strip light uses 4.8W per metre meaning you would need a 24W 12v adapter to run a full 5 metre reel.  

12v Power Adapters

Although the primary use of our adapters is to power our LED strip lights we find many customers purchasing them for other uses such as powering video recorders, toys, laptops, etc. If you have any item which requires a 12v power source then our 12v adapters will be ideal for you….