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LED Rope Lights

LED Rope Lights

Rope lights provide instant decoration, and are one of the quickest and easiest lighting products to install and setup. Led Rope Lights are incredibly versatile, practical, and ideal for decorating parties, charity events, weddings and for the festive season. Rope lights are flexible, durable and can be twisted to any desired shape creating a professional looking display.

These are a perfect Christmas light for accenting architectural features such as guttering, roof lines and chimney stacks and with LED rope lights, you can choose from 8m to 100m lengths. Due to the flexibility of the tubing, Rope lights can easily be wrapped around banister rails, along stairways and around columns meaning that they require no other fixtures or fittings to hang them.

Flexible Rope Lights

Another fantastic use for Rope Lights is to use them to create your own unique designs and patterns. You can fix them either on a vertical, sloped or horizontal surface and twist and turn the lights into snowmen, Santas, snowflake, angels, well anything so go crazy!

Why not write a festive message in rope lights, 'Merry Xmas', 'Happy Noel', 'HoHoHo!' or write another word or name, for another year round celebration

High Qualty Tube Lights.

As with any LED lighting product it’s important to beware of cheap alternatives; all our rope lights are high quality commercial grade and suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. They have a fuse bulb technology which means in the unlikely event a bulb did go out it would not take out a whole section, the rest of the bulbs would remain lit. These rope lights are made to IP44 specification which means they are weatherproof and even submersible for water related projects.