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LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Light with Super Harvest Colors (NASA Red and Blue).

Introducing the L.E.D. Grow Light, a new revolution in the way we grow indoors, providing abundant harvests with a lower energy bill.

For the budding hobbyists, this LED Grow Light produces the best light wave spectrum to stimulate maximum plant growth. The NASA space program has proven that blue and red color LED's help to optimize plant growth and promotes plant health from the specific parts of the light spectrum in two ways: it enhances the natural process of photosynthesis and saves energy by not generating light in colors that plants do not use.

Conventional grow light systems run hot and use a lot of energy, this excess radiated heat output adds to the cost to cool your home or business. Producing much less heat than conventional grow lights, this energy-efficient LED Grow Light produces almost no appreciable heat and uses 1/3 the energy of a fluorescent system. Delivering only the light your plants need, your running costs will be reduced by minimizing waste, enabling you to save money on electricity.

Which LED Grow Light?

We specialise in high quality LED Grow Lights Panels. Our 225 led grow lights are ideal for use in hydroponics systems. LED grow lights utilize up to 90% less power than traditional HID lamps and produce virtually no heat! Our 225 led grow lights board is scientifically configured to maximize growth featuring a unique ufo pattern of red and blue led’s in a 8 – 1 ratio respectively.

All of our LED Grow Lights Pabels are ready to plug out of the box.

LED Grow Lights offer a wide range of led lights from 90w UFO led grow lights to 400w led grow lights with a mixture of 3w bright led lights and 5w led lights.

Most of our led grow lights are configured with a wide spectrum of lights to suite all stages of plant growth!