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LED Tea Candle Lights

Battery Tea Lights

We have a wide range of battery operated tea lights each fitted with one super bright flickering LED. Have kids or pets? Think safety, Opt for battery tea lights as a replacement for the real tea lights.

Rechargeable Tea Lights

Are your Battery tea lights going dull? Rechargeable tea lights will solve all your problems, simply place them on the docking station and they will soon be ready to re-use without changing any batteries.

Colour Changing Tea Lights

We have a wide range of tea lights in a variety of colours which makes them suitable for any occasion. The most popular are amber as they mimic a traditional candle perfectly but we also have white, blue, green, red and colour changing which are all ideal for partys, restaurants, schools, etc..

Tea light Candle Holders

We also have our tea lights available with holders included, the holders complete a very professional look and are often used in restaurants as they create a romantic mood. Whatever the occasion, opting for LED tea lights creates a much safer environment and they offer many more colour options than traditional candles.