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R7s LED Bulbs


With our range of R7s LED Bulbs you can replace power-hungry R7s Halogen lamps and transform your old floodlights into modern / efficient LED Floodlights. R7s LED bulbs are available at reasonable prices in different variations such as 5W, 8W, 10W, 13W or 15W, you also have the choice of Warm White or Cool White to ensure you achieve correct colour temperature for your requirements…

R7s lamps with a character table length of 118mm (J118 design) have bright SMD LEDs which provide a reliable and durable service in floodlights, floor lamps, outdoor lighting. R7s LEDs have significant advantages over R7s energy saving light bulbs / halogen lamps because LEDs do not contain mercury 118mm, toxic combustion gases and eliminate the hassle of warming up when starting.

A LED lamp with R7s base is a straight replacement of J-type halogen lamps.

  • Perfect to replace the J-type lamps in flood lights and dimmable floor light
  • Extremely long life and lower power consumption
  • Easy replacement