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LED Strip Lights, LED Tape and More

Confused about LED strip lights? An LED Strip Light is known by a number of phrases, including LED Tape, LED Strip and LED Ribbon. They generally all refer to the same product, which, to keep things simple, is a low voltage LED strip available in either 12v or 24v. They are basically 8mm or 10mm wide runs of evenly spaced LED chips which when mounted out of the direct line of sight, provide a smooth and uniform glow of light, ideal for illuminating under cabinets, bars and coving.

Flexible LED Strips

Flexible LED strips (sometimes called LED tape) have exploded in popularity in recent years. With LED tape, you can create unique atmospheres and visual effects that were not previously possible with the added benefit of low power consumption and excellent reliability. We have a wide range of IP33 rated strips, which are water resistant tapes and ideal for kitchens, restaurant lighting, etc. Our IP65 waterproof rated LED strip lights are designed for use in potentially damp areas making them safe for use in bathrooms and damp areas like Aquariums.

3528 LED SMD Strip Light

3528 LED strip lights are a high quality single colour LED Strip Light that can be fixed to almost any surface or space that is required. LED tape is completely flexible meaning it can fit into awkward spaces quite easily and has a 3M adhesive reverse, which makes installation a simple process.

We recommend our 3528 strips, tapes or ribbon for areas which require a subtle lighting effect like kitchens, coving, under cabinets, etc as they are an affordable way to create a professional look.

5050 LED SMD Strip Lights

5050 LED Strips are high power strips and available in standard colour or colour-changing, they use super bright 5050 LED chips which are extremely bright and recommended if you want the best lighting effects available. They are our most popular LED strips for larger scale projects as they provide a good level of light for most common secondary lighting applications such as under cabinet lighting, plinth lighting or complete refurbishments on nightclubs, restaurants. Browse our range of LED strip lights online today.