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LED Ceiling Lights

LED Ceiling Lights

LED Ceiling Lights are great lights for your home and workplace as they eliminate the hassle of buying or changing your current fittings. LED Ceiling Lights are a fantastic alternative to old halogen bulbs as they are energy saving and emit the same amount of light as old halogen bulbs. Gradually, people have come to understand the benefits of this switch and we now have a growing number of UK home and business owners contacting us on a weekly basis about switching.

50W Recessed Downlights

50 Watt halogen recessed downlights are the most common wattage used throughout the UK. As well as this, 20W, 35W and 60W are also very popular bulbs but they are incredibly costly to run. We have a wide range of energy saving recessed LED downlights / Ceiling Lights in 3W, 4W, 5W, 6W and 9W which cater for any wattage of halogen. These emit a cleaner light and are much cheaper to run.

Energy Saving Downlights

Although the initial outlay of changing over to LED downlights can be quite costly, you will soon see the benefit on your electricity bills. On average a halogen bulb is used for 8 hours a day and if we calculate the costs on a 50W halogen bulb used for this duration for 365 days a year, it would cost around £14.50 per bulb. A great alternative to this would be our high power 5 watt LED Recessed Ceiling Light which uses only 4.8W of power. If you ran this bulb for the same duration it would cost you £1.17 and would save you a massive £12.48 over a 12 month period….

This saving is based on only one Energy Saving LED Ceiling Light and if you have 10 of these in your home, you could save £122.48 per year. As well as helping the environment, LED bulbs can save you a fortune and work out much cheaper over the 50,000 hour life span….