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LED Controllers

RGB Colour Changing

RGB Colour Changing LED strip is capable of producing a wide range of colours by mixing Red, Green and Blue. We offer a choice of RGB controllers / RGB remotes which allow easy colour and mode selections. Colours can be selected from a range of presets or created by the user and a range of modes allow full control over how the light is displayed, whether it be static, flashing or fading between colours. You can control the speed of colour changes as well as the brightness.

RGB LED strip is ideal for effect and entertainment lighting and is commonly used in bars and nightclubs for eye-catching highlighting effects.

Which RGB Controller?

The most popular controllers are the 24 KEY Infrared Wireless Remote and the 44 KEY Infrared Wireless remote, these are both easy to use controllers and allow numerous colour options and fades. We have recently introduced a new scrolling controller to our range which is the most advanced RGB controller available and allows you to scroll through 16 million colours, these controllers a RF controlled and ideal for larger scale installations…

Another popular controller is our sound activated / sound to light controllers which are ideal for DJ's, Parties, Nightclubs, etc as they change the colour of the strip in time with the music.

Dimming LED Strip Light

Standard colour 3528 and 5050 strip lights are usually preferred if you want a bold standard colour as they emit great light and with our wireless dimmer you have the option to dim them or brighten them to any level. Our wireless dimmers allow you to modify the brightness of the strip with a push of a button so you can lower the light level for activities like reading, relaxing, etc…