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LED Strobe Lights

Strobe Lights are a great way to brighten up recovery trucks, truck grills, breakdown vehicles and are also often used on motorway maintenance cars / vehicles.

Amber Strobe Lights

Amber Strobe Lights are the most popular as they are ideal flashing lights for roadside safety / caution lights but we also have White, Red and Blue available which are often used for novelty lighting.

Recovery Breakdown Lights

Our strobe lights are 100% waterproof making them suitable for internal or external use and include all fitting brackets plus wiring which makes the installation a simple process.  All of our strobe light packages include fitting instructions so you can have your recovery truck / breakdown vehicle fitted with flashing lights in no time....

Revolving Beacons / Caution Lights

We have recently added revolving amber beacons to our recovery light range which are another high quality Bright Lightz item and an affordable way to add a safety / caution light to your vehicle.