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LED Curtain Lights

Curtain Lights

LED curtain Lights are an easy way to create a sparkling entrance to your event, party or wedding. Opting to use LED curtain lights allows you to benefit from the low energy consumption in comparison with traditional Curtain Lights. LED curtain lights are a much safer option to traditional curtain lights as they remain cool whilst in use as well as emitting a cleaner / brighter light making them an ideal product for any size of event or occasion.

Connectable Curtain Lights

Curtain lights can be used for entrance ways, marquee walls, exterior displays for buildings and draping from balconies making them a clear choice for the seasoned enthusiast or professional. We currently stock curtain lights in either warm white or cool white with commercial grade white cable which complements the LED’s beautifully.

No matter what the occasion, LED curtains Lights are an easy and affordable way to create a beautiful effect…