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12v 10 amp / 120W Sound to Light Controller for RGB Strip Light

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Product details

Ultra stylish high quality sound to light RGB strip light controller (10 amp / 120W)

2 Ports x (RGB common anode) - Will run upto 30 metres of RGB strip

All the usual effects (16 colours / fades) but with a sound activation button offering you the option of changing the colour / effect to the sound of music.

Sound Sensitivity: >60~70 dB

Once you have selected your preferred colour / brightness the strip will remain on that setting until you inform it otherwise

This controller can be used as a regular controller if you turn the sound activation button off

Voltage: 12V DC

This is one of the most advanced RGB controllers and is ideal for homes, gardens, nightclubs, bars, etc...

CE and RoHS Approved (meets all UK safety regulations)

Simple to install and includes operating and installation instructions

These LED controllers are manufactured to the highest possible standards and are an ideal item for using with RGB LED Strip Lights. The Controllers are compatable will all 5050 RGB strip lights and offer you the standard 16 colours and fades as well as the added bonus of changing colour to the sound of music...

The controllers are easy to install and can be used as a regular controller for under cabinet lighting, mood lighting, etc if you opt to ignore the sound activation button. If you put the controller in the sound sensitivity mode then it will bring your strip light to life with numerous colour changes / flashes all in time to the music / sound. 

If you want to experiment further with the effects then you have the option of increasing the sensitivity, speed, etc which are all shown on the above pictures. Another effect which isn't mentioned above is the fact that you can have the strip completely turned off and then once the beat / sound kicks in the strip will flash in time with the music....

Top Quality Product available at the UK's lowest price.

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