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Artificial Christmas Tree in White 7ft / 210cm + 10 Metre Blue Fairy Lights

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Product details

High Quality 7ft / 210cm Artificial Christmas Tree with Stand

986 tips which makes the tree look identical to a real tree once assembled

Includes 10M 100 LED Fairy lights with Heavy Duty White Cable (Multifunction - fading, twinkle, static, etc)

Easy to assemble with hinged branches and 3 sections (can be set up / taken down within minutes)

Colour: White

Ideal for transforming homes, workplaces, shops, etc this coming christmas

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This artificial christmas tree is manufactured to the highest possible standards making it a great item for transforming your home, workplace, etc this coming christmas. The tree uses high quality materials and hinged branches which create a realistic effect as well as making the tree easy to assemble / dismantle. The tree is 7ft tall and has a massive 986 tips which look fantastic when set up and identical to a real tree in both dimensions and density. This listing includes our high quality 10 metre BLUE LED fairy lights which are manufactured with heavy duty white cable and complement the tree perfectly. The ultra - stylish White tree and blue fairy lights create a beautiful effect. As with all our products these trees meet all UK safety regulations and include a one year guarantee....

Top Quality Product available at the UK's lowest price.

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