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Multicolour 45cm LED Aquarium Airstone Bubble Light

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Product details

1 x 45cm Airstone LED Bubble Light, air tube and mains plug

Working temperature: 5 degrees -  40 degrees

Low power consumption yet extremely bright, the brightest aquarium lights available

Dual fixing suction

Working for assorted single or double outlet/bore air pump

Ideal for all types of projects, a great way to transform water features....

Suitable for external or internal use although this package has been designed primarily for use around water.

Please Note: You will still need an AIR PUMP to get the bubbles.

This item does NOT come with an AIR PUMP.

These LED lights are manufactured to the highest possible standards making them an ideal item for transforming any size of aquarium, pond, water feature, etc... These aquarium sets have been custom built to our companies specifications and use super bright LED's.

The lights feature special LED's which have a 50,000hr lifeline and are the brightest LED's available. The lights are fully sealed with a surrounding which makes it impossible for water to enter them and they also have a generous 1.5 metre lead to the 12v supply which is also fully waterproof. You simply fix the light in place and plug in the power supply and the item will transform your water feature.

Top Quality Product available at the UK's lowest price.

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