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Set of 12 Rechargeable Candles / Tea Lights + Holders

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Product details

Quantity: 12 LED tea lights (white base)

Led color: Amber

LED quantity: 1pc

Led slowly flickers to mimic the effect of a real candle flame

Candles remain cool in use making them perfectly safe around children, etc..

Can be used outdoors and factors such as weather conditions will not put them out

Each individual tea light is fitted with a discrete on / off button

These Rechargeable LED Tea lights are manufactured to the highest standards and a much safer option to traditional candles. This complete set includes 12 LED candle lights, holders and docking station with a low voltage transformer where the candles are put to recharge which is all finished in a beautiful WHITE colour.

Each individual Candle is fitted with a flame shaped LED bulb which softly flickers to mimic the effects of a real candle. The candles remain cool during use making them safe to touch and more importantly safe around children. Another advantage of these tea lights is the fact that they can be used anywhere and factors like the wind will not put them out. These tea lights are proving a very popular and reliable alternative to standard candles and are ideal for Weddings, Partys, Restaurants, etc.

Once fully charged each individual Tea Light will last between 10-12 hours and once the battery becomes empty you simply recharge them via the docking station and the item is ready to work again, you will never need to buy a battery.

Each individual tea light is fitted with a small discrete switch so you can easily turn them on / off….

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